October 31st, 2014


From earliest civilisations gold with it’s magic lustre had a very special place amongst colours. Expensive, durable and beautiful, it became synonymous with many different and often conflicting things such as ostentation and sensuality, the sun and it’s life giving powers and the sacred. We will trace the place of gold in the history of European art, from the medieval practice and technique of gilding religious panels to many myths and legends with gold as their subject.

Join Lydia Bauman for this pre-christmas special lecture. It will be good to see you there!

Lecture: Rembrandt – the late works!

September 9th, 2014

This exhibition is due to open at the National Gallery on 15th October. Get your tickets to the exhibition as it is likely to be a popular winter blockbuster. The lecture is at Cafe Portico in Lincoln on Monday 27th October 6.30pm.

A Lecture by Lydia Bauman: Making Colour

August 30th, 2014

Lydia will be introducing the new exhibition Making Colour currently on at the National Gallery until the 7th September.

The talk is on Tuesday the 2nd September at Cafe Portico, 6.30pm. Tickets can be bought in advance at Cafe Portico. Enjoy!

Portrait of Katrina

May 31st, 2014

018018Portrait of Katrina well under way. ¬†Katrina sings in the girl’s choir at Lincoln Cathedral. ¬†If you’ve never heard the choir sing, I strongly recommend going along.